What functions should be included in membership or loyalty program in wechat mini program?

News 2022.04.15


There should be different membership tiers. Customers with different membership tier can enjoy different privileges. Mini program shall show the current membership tier of the customer and the privileges they gain. Every member shall only get one membership tier. 

The mini program shall show the current reward points of a customer and how much more spending to upgrade to next level of membership tier. Different membership tier of a customer shall has a customized UI to present the honor for membership tier. 

The customers shall present a digital personalized QR code when check-out at the store to enjoy the reward points. The dynamic QR code shall be used to improve the security during the redemption at the store.

Marketing Tools and Mini Game

Marketing shall be the most important part to retain the members keep using the mini program. There are some marketing tools and mini games in the mini program during phase one.

Marketing Tools

-Daily Tasks

There are tasks for members to get additional reward points every day. The tasks include:

1.Share mini program/marketing information to WeChat friends/Moments

2.Check-in at mini program every day

3.Check-in at stores

4.Recommend friends being the member

-Points Redemption

Members shall use the reward points to redeem gifts from mini program. The gifts shall be a real/virtual product. The combination of reward points and money shall be supported for some products. Self-pick-up at stores and by courier shall be provided for real products. 


Members shall get coupons under certain circumstance, for instance, after the members fill in all the personal information, they can get a coupon immediately. Merchants can also suggest some circumstances to trigger this function.

-Limited products redemption

Merchants shall release some products for members to redeem or purchase in a limited time basis. The products shall be automatically removed from the shelf when the redemption time expired.

-Group buying

Group buying is a popular feature for mini program in Mainland. The product will go on the shelf with a fixed price if the purchasing quantity is under certain quantity. 

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