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SmarTone Home 5G BB App

Through the Home 5G Broadband APP, users can quickly manage router settings, including optimizing Wi-Fi channels, finding the best placement for the router, and useful features like network diagnosis.

Privacy DNS App

A powerful mobile application designed to help users protect their personal privacy. It can block other applications from acquiring your private information, ensuring the safety of your personal data.

Budweiser KTV booking app

KTV appointment is a KTV online appointment APP launched by Budweiser. In addition to booking KTV rooms, you can also select songs in advance and turn your mobile phone into a remote control, which is powerful.

Teamotto smart hotel in-room control pad

Users can use the Teamotto smart home terminal to control the equipment in the hotel room, including lighting, air conditioning, music, curtains and TV. At the same time, you can also use the smart terminal to unlock and call services.

Hotel Alva in-room control app

Users can control the air conditioning, lighting, and television in the room through the room control tablet. In addition to room control functions, users can view the information provided by the hotel and functions such as weather forecasts.

Fab Pros O2O makeup services app

Fab Pros is the first on-site beauty service application in Hong Kong. Users can make appointments for haircut, facial beauty, massage, manicure and other services through the program. Everyone can be pretty at home, which are convenient and fast.

Cloud Tour Hong Kong

"Cloud Tour Hong Kong" is a fun mini-program developed to celebrate the "25th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return". You can upload your own photos, then combine them with Hong Kong attractions to generate completely new images. Experience Cloud Tour Hong Kong and create unique photos!

Doctor Kong Mini Program

Quickly find doctors and medical institutions in Hong Kong, and make an appointment for free immediately. You can also purchase medical products, which are cheaper than buying on the spot.

Nissin Foodium Mini Program

Nissin Hong Kong member benefits mini-program, users can scan the product QR code to earn points, and use these points to redeem limited edition Nissin gifts.

Smart control IoT apps

Teamotto Smart is an APP that can remotely control hardware, compatible with different types of hardware devices. Users can use the Teamotto Smart APP to check the online status of the device, or authorize others to use it.

JUCUI travel

Jucui Travel is an APP for creating boutique travel abroad, currently mainly in the Southeast Asian market. The main functions are boutique hotel introduction and reservation, selected original travel notes, special air tickets and free air ticket hotel activities.

Smart hotel mobile app and Wechat mini program

Ai Hotel is an APP and Wechat mini program that integrates room reservation, membership system, e-commerce and intelligent hardware control. In addition to the client, there is also a very powerful management department, which is the only choice for brand hotels.

JD Metaverse

In the scene, through VR glasses, players can build and interact with the game environment. Players complete tasks in the virtual world through different combinations of actions, collect items, and unlock puzzles to finally escape the predicament.

Master Kong metaverse

A synchronous metaverse world for multiple players. In the Master Kong metaverse, players can socialize, chat, dance, take group photos, as well as play games to win points, draw red envelopes, and win physical prizes and more. The game is compatible with VR, PC, and mobile devices.

Solice Metaverse

Solice, the metaverse world, has been launched overseas. Players can socialize, play board games, engage in sports competitions, and more in the metaverse. They can also purchase NFT equipment, land parcels, and other digital goods in the metaverse world. The game is compatible with VR, PC, and mobile devices.

Thermos official Hong Kong website

Thermos Hong Kong's official website is mainly to introduce thermos products, sales network, activities and delicious recipes. Members can also independently upload purchase documents on the website, and can exchange points for gifts.

Livesmart online shopping PC version

Livesmart is an online shopping website owned by a non-profit organization in Hong Kong, mainly selling products for rehabilitation. Livesmart's website provides online shopping and payment. In terms of delivery, it provides users with different methods, including home delivery, courier cabinet pick-up and store self-collection. At the same time, there are many different types of coupons.

Alva Hotel Official Website

Hotel Alva is a five-star smart hotel under Sun Hung Kai Properties in Hong Kong. The official website provides users with basic hotel information and online room booking functions.

Australia Visa Mobile App - Teamotto

Australia Visa mobile app is the recent completed project by Teamotto.

Livesmart online shopping mobile site

Livesmart is an online shopping website owned by a non-profit organization in Hong Kong, mainly selling products for rehabilitation. Livesmart's website provides online shopping and payment. In terms of delivery, it provides users with different methods, including home delivery, courier cabinet pick-up and store self-collection. At the same time, there are many different types of coupons.

Hotel Alva

Alva Hotel is a 5-star hotel under Sun Hung Kai Properties with a dedicated APP. You can book rooms, use wireless room cards, and obtain relevant hotel information through the APP.

Mini motion sensing game

Mini motion sensing game is a very interesting somatosensory game. Users can choose different preset characters to fight, and disperse the pressure in the heart.

Tmall interactive mini game

Tmall interactive touch table is a touch table game that runs on a large screen. In addition to providing a variety of small games, users can log in with Alipay, order food on the touch table and redeem coupons for free.

Shenzhen MTR Wechat mini game

The subway life mini-game is commissioned by Shenzhen MTR, and is mainly placed on the Wechat official account for users to play. You can learn more about Shenzhen MTR Line 4 and the things you need to pay attention to when taking the subway while playing the game.

Match 3 Game

Fun Fruit Joy is a casual mini-game that users can quickly get the hang of. If you run out of lives, you can get more by receiving support from friends.

Pandora marketing event

Pandora's promotional html5 web can choose your favorite referrals, upload your favorite pictures, the system will automatically generate a very beautiful composite picture. Fill in what you want to say and you can use the composite picture to participate in the competition.

Self checkin kiosk for Smart Hotel

The hotel self-check-in system is a very popular system at present, which can help guests check in quickly, and can select rooms and book rooms online. For the hotel, it can reduce the workload of the hotel front desk, reduce labor costs, and increase guest satisfaction.

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In 2010, Teamotto was established as a leader in providing mobile applications, website, system, and mini-game development services. With our extensive experience and a robust project management process, we have successfully worked with over 100 clients, including renowned brands such as Budweiser, MTR, Accenture, Nissin, SmarTone, Tmall, SHKP, Rado, Versus, Pandora, and Thermos. Our dedication to professionalism and expertise enables us to offer reliable advice and support to our clients. By utilizing our standardized project management process, we assist clients in effectively planning, designing, and developing software solutions that are both cost-effective and efficient.

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Requirements Analysis

Clearly define the software requirements and develop corresponding plans. This process includes requirements analysis, identifying functions, defining users, and analyzing potential obstacles.

Product Design

Based on the requirements, conduct interaction design, interface design, and more. During the design process, the software development team will consider scalability, stability, security, and maintainability.

Program Development

With detailed design specifications and requirements from the designer, the coding team starts developing the program and implementing the design requirements.

Professional Testing

Once the development is completed, the testing team starts testing all the functions and performance of the software to ensure it meets the required quality standards.

Product Launch

After the testing is completed and all acceptance criteria are met, the technical department will deploy the software to the production environment.

After-sales Maintenance

The maintenance process includes bug fixes, user support, and documentation updates to ensure optimal performance and compliance of the software.

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