What is the WeChat Mini Program development service like at Teamotto?

News 2021.03.29

Currently, WeChat Mini Programs have over 400 million users in mainland China, which means that one in every three people in China have used WeChat Mini Programs. The main reason for this is that WeChat Mini Programs do not need to be downloaded, they just need to be scanned with a Mini Program code to be used.


Nowadays, more and more queries are being made about WeChat Mini Program development. Many customers want to know the cost of developing a WeChat Mini Program and the development process. In fact, the development process of a WeChat Mini Program is the same as that of an APP or a website. The biggest difference is how Hong Kong companies apply for WeChat Mini Programs and upload the developed Mini Programs to the WeChat platform.


Applying for a WeChat Mini Program is relatively simple, even for Hong Kong companies, and can usually be completed in two days under normal circumstances. If you choose Teamotto to develop a Mini Program, we will apply for it free of charge for customers (some companies charge HKD6800 for the application).


If the Mini Program includes online payment, then the customer also needs to apply for WeChat payment services. Whether it's mainland users paying in RMB or Hong Kong users paying in Hong Kong dollars, there are no issues. Ultimately, what the customer will receive in their account will be Hong Kong dollars (exchange rate issues will not affect the amount received by the customer).


Application for WeChat payments in Hong Kong can only be made through companies designated by WeChat. Teamotto has cooperated with related companies and can apply for WeChat payments quickly at a cost of around HKD 2,000. The processing fee rate is 1.6%, which is significantly lower than Paypal or credit cards.