What functionalities are available with a WeChat Mini Program online store? It can be activated inst

News 2021.12.22

With the continuous integration of China and Hong Kong, more and more Hong Kong merchants have begun to sell Hong Kong and foreign products to mainland China through WeChat Mini Program online stores. As the largest social software in mainland China, WeChat has nearly 1.2 billion users, with more than 600 million using mini-programs. Thus, WeChat Mini Program online shopping is definitely the most effective way for Hong Kong merchants to enter the mainland China market.


Teamotto's independently developed WeChat Mini Program online store (equipped with a web version) can help Hong Kong merchants sell products to the mainland instantly. There are many online store systems on the market, but most of them only have web versions and are very slow to access in mainland China, making it difficult to break into the mainland market. In view of this, Teamotto has independently developed the BuPopShop online store system to address the issues currently faced by Hong Kong merchants.


BuPopShop is a fully functional system that is very easy to use and requires no coding knowledge. Merchants only need to enter an email address to set up an online store immediately. Key features of BuPopShop include:


- Visual data statistics

- Product and product category management

- Order management (including pending delivery and returns)

- Various marketing methods (including coupons and events)

- Online store content management system (including page management, Banner management, etc.)

- Membership management system

- Distribution management system (flexible settings for different regions' shipping fees, delivery areas, and standard shipping fees)

- One-click Mini Program association

- Private domain and subdomain settings

- Various payment methods (including WeChat Pay, Alipay, UnionPay, and PayPal)

- Multiple styles to choose from for free


Currently, BuPopShop offers a 14-day free trial. Just an email is needed to activate your account. For more information about BuPopShop, please visit the official BuPopShop website. For a demo, please visit Dimpou. You can also directly call or Whatsapp 62880357 to contact us.