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In recent years, smart products have been sought after by mainland consumers, such as smart homes and smart robots. Hong Kong businessmen who develop smart hotel systems hope to use the preferential policies of the Greater Bay Area to expand business opportunities in the industry.

Andy Tai started his business in Shenzhen six years ago. In the early days, he mainly developed mobile phone applications and maintained websites for Hong Kong companies. The company started to develop its own products last year, and it was exhibited at the exhibition in the convention center that day.

Andy Tai, Chief Executive Officer of Teamotto, said: "This is a display box, in fact, it is simulating how to use smart hardware in a hotel. This is background music, this is a different light, this is for curtains. You can choose to use a tablet for residents You can also choose the traditional switch. This is the button to get up. I hope to turn on the two lights. The curtains can be opened directly. If I want to leave or leave, I can close them all at once. Press the button, it will be much faster."

The system can also be controlled by infrared sensor and mobile application. The company said that the installation of this system in traditional hotels can be completed in about three hours per room, which can help hotels save energy and monitor indicators such as air quality.

He said the company successfully applied to become a Shenzhen high-tech enterprise last year. In the next three years, he can obtain government subsidies and tax reliefs every year to encourage him to further develop in the Greater Bay Area.

Andy Tai said: "For example, if you spend 1 million dollar, you will be given a subsidy of about 20%. The money will be returned to you in the next year. There will be some reductions in corporate income tax, even in terms of value-added tax. If you do it, you can increase and retreat. It can help many Hong Kong people to start businesses in the mainland at low cost.

The mainland consumer market for smart products is huge. Statistics from international research institutes show that shipments of smart home devices alone reached nearly 150 million units last year, an increase of more than 35%.

According to the company, optimistic about the market potential of the Greater Bay Area, and Shenzhen’s more experience in maintaining platforms such as servers, will help the company’s local business operations.

Vincent Chan, deputy general manager of the intelligent technology company, said: "In addition to the cost reduction, there are also some platforms, such as we used to make a system that can be controlled remotely, we have to build a lot of things ourselves. But these platforms are already very Mature. If the platform is not up, in fact, it will be very difficult for us to do application-level things, including the difficulty of maintaining the server by ourselves."

According to the company, it will continue to update the system and help hotels that install the system analyze consumer-related data to further improve service quality.

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CEO Andy Tai interviewed by TVB


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