36kr Interview: "Teamotto Smart" Provides Smart Building Solutions for the Hotel Industry

News 2020.04.24

The journey is destined to go around, and the hotel is a rest stop on this road, but the cumbersome check-in causes us to often arrive at the hotel and have not been able to take a good rest. Andy Tai, the founder of Teamotto Smart, believes that solving the pain point of poor front desk service experience is the first step in building a smart hotel.

In a smart hotel, the front desk can basically be discarded, and the tablet can be exchanged. Guests can sit in the sofa and drink coffee to check in. At the same time, there are self-check-in machines to take care of some people with social phobia or late night guests.

Alibaba's "Black Technology Hotel" has successfully launched the future hotel, and Ctrip has also launched the EASY residential service. There are many service providers that provide smart hotel solutions on the market. How can Teamotto stand firm in the blue sea of smart hotels?

Andy Tai said that Teamotto has more systematic integrity. Teamotto connects the system of room reservation, room occupancy, room cleaning, whole house appliance management, etc., through intelligent management to reduce costs for the hotel and enhance the service experience. The environmental data monitoring in the smart hotel can uniformly monitor the indoor temperature and brightness and adjust to the most energy-saving and most comfortable state for the human body.

The intelligent transformation of hotels requires high costs. Usually, only when the hotel is being renovated, the intelligent transformation is selected.

Therefore, Teamotto provides a wireless solution. In the intelligent creation, it focuses on upgrading the existing system software. At the same time, Teamotto is cooperating with the wireless solution company to break the dimension wall between the home appliance systems.

Andy Tai believes that the homogenization of the hotel industry is serious, and the key difference lies in the service. Andy Tai, who has experienced Alibaba's future hotels, said that although smart hotels can create unmanned hotels, he believes that hotels should clearly define the "service" industry positioning. The future of hotels is not necessarily unmanned, and intelligent transformation is to bring hotels Stronger advantages to enhance customer service experience.

Taking hotel booking as an example, online hotel booking is already a daily thing for us, but many times we cannot choose the room we like. As Teamotto Smart Hotel is to achieve overall intelligence, Teamotto can ensure that the pictures on the Internet are the real appearance of the room.

Andy Tai mentioned that Teamotto is about to create an AI voice control to add a life service to the intelligent solution. You can turn on and off the lights through voice, or you can book movie tickets.

Currently, Teamotto has provided semi-customized services for Yubari Ski Resort in Hokkaido, Japan. "Customized services can not only provide customers with special customized services, but also provide more ideas for the transformation of Teamotto Smart Hotel and create a more complete plan," Andy Tai said. He revealed that Teamotto also provided Wechat mini program booking services for Xishan Holiday Hotel and Dalian Yebo Shijian, as well as intelligent guest control services for some other villas, exhibition halls and meeting rooms.

As a Hong Kong citizen, Andy Tai believes that starting a business in the Greater Bay Area can find more partners, and hopes to use the Greater Bay Area to radiate more markets in the Mainland. The Teamotto Smart Hotel solution will be officially launched to the market in July 2020, and a sales team will be established. Andy Tai hopes that there will be funds coming in at this stage, and this funds will be mainly used to accelerate product iteration and market promotion.

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