Standard process of mobile app development

News 2020.12.14

As an experienced mobile app development company, Teamotto has setup a standard process of mobile app development. We have over 10 years experience, and most of our projects are being completed in time with high quality.

There are five steps for the standard processes, I will explain in details with every step.

Listing 5 processes of mobile app development

Project documentation

Every project started with an idea; however, most of ideas are abstract without any detail description; therefore, the first step is to write a documentation of the project, it includes the project scope, features and functions, target audience and server configuration. Project scope includes what platform will be included, like iOS, Android, Web, game or mini program. What are the functions or features of the project? Do we need membership system, eShop, product display and UGC content? What platform will be included? Do we need only mobile apps with content management system? Who are the target audience, do we need bilingual or just single language? How many predicted number of users are going to use? Do we need a dedicated server to cater for the needs? What size of the server should be used and where should the server located? They are all the questions need to be finalized and written at the documentation.

Wireframe and UI/UX

With the documentation, the development company can then prepare the wireframe. A wireframe is a layout of a page that demonstrates what interface elements will exist on key pages. It is a critical part of the interaction design process. With the wireframe, client has a better understanding about the project and input some suggestions to improve the wireframe. When the wireframe is completed, the layout designer will begin to design all the pages according to the wireframe.

Coding and project management

When the functions and design are confirmed, the project manager will provide a development schedule, and the schedule should be broken down by the functions and indicate the time to complete. Project manager should strictly follow the schedule and notify client if the development is behind the schedule. 

UAT ( User Acceptance Test)

Once the development completed, the development company should provide a beta version for client after the internal test. The bugs tracking system should be used to input the bugs title, priority, description and estimated fixing time. If there are big changes and enhancement, the development company should issue a new quote and handle it after the UAT.


The mobile apps have been published and the development company should provide a maintenance service which normally one year without any charges. The development company should give client about the response time of every reported case. 

It is a standard process of mobile app development, and most of development company should follow the process to ensure the project can be done in time.