How powerful is WeChat Mini Program development? A well-known WeChat Mini Program development compan

News 2022.01.18

Mini Programs can perform most of the functions that an APP can do, but what an APP cannot accomplish is the way Mini Programs are perfectly compatible with both iOS and Android phones at the same time. More importantly, Mini Programs do not need to be downloaded, they can be used by simply scanning with WeChat, which is very convenient and fast.


Recently, many well-known companies in Hong Kong have sought out Teamotto Technology for Mini Program development, as they believe that Mini Programs are very important to them. It can significantly increase their users from Mainland China, so they hope to launch their own Mini Programs as soon as possible.


The ecosystem of Mini Programs is already very mature, and general 2C or 2B projects can be developed using Mini Programs. Mini Programs are attached within WeChat, so as long as you have WeChat, you can use Mini Programs. There is no need to download or install anything, just scan and use. Recently, Teamotto has discovered many special functions that can be used on Mini Programs, including live broadcasts and live broadcasts with the delivery function (limited to companies registered in mainland China). You can also use iBeacon to achieve more interactions, such as automatically sending discount coupons to user accounts when the user is near the store, using iBeacon for indoor navigation in indoor spaces, and so on. Basically, anything you can think of can be realized by the Mini Programs.


If you need to develop a Mini Program, whether it is a membership type, e-commerce type, or IoT project, you can find Teamotto Technology. We can provide you with professional advice to help you expand the Chinese market using Mini Programs. Please call 62880357 or email to immediately.