Using Mini-Games to Attract Customers in the Small Hong Kong Market

News 2021.11.26

There are many ways to promote on the market right now, but most of them are on social networking sites or placing ads on Google. Although there are more and more video ads on Youtube, the benefits of these methods are relatively low. Customers only watch, they can't participate. So more and more businesses are starting to use other methods, hoping to better carry out promotional activities, let customers participate while also promoting the company's brand, products and services. It's really a win-win.


The Hong Kong market is relatively small, so there are not many companies making small games, and even fewer with experience in developing small games. Therefore, Teamotto has established a small game development department, hoping to assist businesses to develop attractive small games at a low cost.


Although they are small games, the development process is the same as other large-scale games. It first requires a game planner, responsible for the overall planning of the game, including game play, character design, and related parameters. Then the game illustrator needs to plan related things and the interface designer has to design the game interface. Afterward, a Programmer writes the code, including front-end and back-end code. Finally, testers conduct the overall test.


Small games are relatively simple to play, and the play time is short, but small games can also achieve real-time battles, increasing interaction, which is very important for promotion.