How should you find the right development company for app development?

News 2021.04.23

With the rise of smartphones, netizens are primarily using mobile applications to search for information, book flights and hotels, order takeaway food, and use online banking. Essentially, all operations done through the internet or phone have been transferred to smartphones.


At present, many companies desperately need an app for internal management, external promotion, and publicity, leading to more and more businesses developing app software. Due to intense market competition, many app outsourcing companies choose to attract customers with low prices, often leading to disastrous project outcomes. Software engineers are not cheap, so when I heard that an application (iOS, Android, and backend) only costs tens of thousands, it is indeed not enough to cover the costs of programmers, let alone develop an app. App development not only involves programmers but also requires roles like UI/UX designer, product manager, and project manager. A one-month application project might exceed 100,000 HKD.


Many app development companies consist of only a few people and are relatively new. They have lower operating costs. When they accept orders, they tend to use a low-cost strategy, but ultimately, the completion time and quality are not guaranteed. These companies typically do not survive in the market more than three years, so it is best to look for app development companies that have been operating for over five years for relative assurance.


Moreover, the market also consists of "freelancers", who do not have a company. Many are employees of some IT companies. They use their free time for project development. These outsourced personnel might be excellent technically but don't have a complete team, so it's challenging to finish the entire project. In addition, communication with these "sole proprietors" on requirements can only be done during rest days or at night, so progress is not guaranteed.


Here, Teamotto suggests considering the following questions if you are looking for an app development outsourcing service provider:


1. What kind of service provider are you choosing?

2. How big is the service provider? They recommend more than 10 people

3. How long have they been established? They recommend more than five years

4. Do they use native development techniques or cross-platform (Teamotto will describe in more detail later)

5. Do they have good case studies? Have they ever had a relatively big client?

6. Is their quote reasonable? Is it too low? Usually, a project quote will exceed 100,000 HKD (about one month's development time)


If you are looking for a company with custom app development, you can also consult Teamotto. We are always facing customers with the most professional and responsible attitude.