Hotel Mobile App Development Suggestions

News 2020.11.24

Most of the hotels in Hong Kong are going to renovate their hotels into smart hotel; however, smart hotel does not only include the home automation or smart hardware. Booking mobile app, hotel self check-in kiosk and eShop should also be included.

Booking mobile app

Hotels are replying the booking orders from OTA ( Online Travel Agency) and lack of self built sales channel. Thus, it's important for hotels to develop a booking mobile app which includes the following functions:

- Room booking

- Membership system

- Reward and loyalty

- Facility introduction

- Hotel important events and information


Hotels are not only selling the rooms; however, a large part of revenue is from dinning and takeaway. The eShop should include the following functions:

- Shopping cart

- Flexible delivery options

- Online payment

- Discount and coupon

Hotel self check-in kiosk

It's usual that the guests need to queen for a long time for hotel check-in. If there are several self check-in kiosk in the lobby, it will greatly reduce the time spend for hotel check-in. The self check-in kiosk can also reduce the labor cost and increase the experience of guests.