Develop a Wechat mini program to boost your sales and members

News 2020.07.16

Wechat has over 12 billions of users around the world. Wechat mini program has over 300 millions active users. In order to capture such a huge users volume, it's a good time to think about building a Wehchat mini program for your company.

In Hong Kong, there are around 50% of smartphone users have installed Wechat for daily communication. As the Chinese travellers are more willing to visit Hong Kong, and Wechat is a mobile applcaition that must installed in their smartphone; as a result, owning a Wechat mini program is a tool to attract both local and Chinese travellers.

Wechat mini program is easy to use and no need to install before use. Users can just scan the mini program code to open it. If you have a Wechat mini program, you can distribute your coupon instantly by asking customers to scan the code. In addition, customer can order goods or making appointment by using Wechat mini program. 

Wechat mini program has a very powerful functions in which most of the features requested by users can be acheived. However, at the same time, the cost of developing a Wechat mini program is lower than mobile application. It's good for marketing usage or short-term marketing campaign.

If you want to try, please open your wechat and scan the below Wechat mini program code, then you'll know what's gonna happened. * They are all developed by Teamotto

If you need to find wechat mini program development in Hong Kong, please contact Teamotto.