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The Technology Voucher Programme was established by the Innovation and Technology Fund to fund local non-listed companies and organizations to use technology services and solutions to increase productivity or upgrade their business processes.

如果你的公司或機構需要開發APP或系統,都可以申請科技劵計劃,基金將會提供最高港幣60萬元或項目總支出的3/4, 以較低者為最終的補貼金額。對於中小企業來說,是一個非常好的機會。

If your company or organization needs to develop an APP or system, you can apply for the Technology Voucher Programme. The fund will provide a maximum of HKD$600,000 or 3/4 of the total project expenditure, whichever is lower as the final subsidy amount. For small and medium enterprises, it is a very good opportunity.



Case 1

ABC company is operating a hotel. In order to target Chinese customers, it hopes to develop a WeChat mini program for online booking. ABC company found a supplier and quoted it at HK$250,000. In the absence of a Technology Voucher Programme, ABC company needs to pay the supplier HKD$250,000. Now with the Technology Voucher Programme, ABC company can obtain government funding of HK$187,500 through the programme after spending HKD$ 250,000, while ABC company actually only needs to pay HKD$62,500.



a) 在辦公室沒有人的時候,可以自動把所有非必要的設備關閉

b) 空調不需要人為控制,全程通過溫度感應器自動調節溫度

c) 燈具在白天的時候可以自動把亮度降低

d) 在開會時,可以自動打開空調、燈光及投影儀等設備


Case 2

XYZ company is a high-tech company. In order to make their office more intelligent, they hope to change all electronic devices into smart devices, which can be controlled through APP. In addition to normal control, they also hope to achieve the following functions:

a) When there is no one in the office, all non-essential equipment can be automatically turned off

b) The air conditioner does not require human control, and the temperature is automatically adjusted through the temperature sensor and system

c) The lighting can automatically reduce the brightness during the day

d) During a meeting, system can automatically turn on equipment such as air conditioners, lights and projectors

XYZ company found a supplier for the quotation. In addition to the system and APP, the project also needs smart modules and sensors, so the supplier’s quotation is relatively high, about HKD$800,000-900,000. XYZ company's budget is only HKD$500,000. After obtaining the supplier's suggestion, it decided to apply for the Technology Voucher Programme. After a successful application, XYZ company can obtain a government subsidy of HKD$600,000. In the end, XYZ company needs to spend only HKD$200,000-300,000, which is only about half of the original budget.



(a)(i) 根據《商業登記條例》(第310章)在香港登記;或

(a)(ii) 根據《公司條例》(第622章)在香港註冊成立的公司;或

(a)(iii) 根據有關條例在香港成立的法定機構;

(b) 並非本港上市公司,亦並非政府資助機構3或任何政府資助機構3的附屬公司;

(c) 及在提交申請時在本港有實質業務運作,而該業務須與申請項目相關。

絕大部份的香港中小企業都符合申請科技劵資格,如需要更多相關的信息,可以到 查看或馬上跟騰沐科技聯絡。


Local entities fulfilling the following requirements are eligible to apply for funding under the TVP:

(a)(i) Registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance (Cap. 310); or

(a)(ii) Incorporated and registered in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622); or

(a)(iii) Established in Hong Kong by relevant ordinances as statutory bodies;


(b) Not a listed company in Hong Kong, and not a government subvented organisation3 or subsidiary of any government subvented organisation3;


(c) With substantive business operation in Hong Kong which is related to the project under application at the time of application.

Most Hong Kong SMEs are eligible to apply for technology voucher. If you need to find mobile app development in Hong Kong or more relevant information, you can visit the official website of ITC or contact Teamotto immediately.

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