How Flutter reduces the development cost?

News 2020.04.21

Flutter is an open source software for developing mobile front-end interfaces. It provides a lot of related development documents. Developers can also submit problems encountered during use to the developer forum. Therefore, it is easy to learn Flutter. Because of this, your development efficiency will be greatly improved, thereby reducing development costs and time.

The purpose of all development tools is to reduce costs. The purpose of Flutter is to allow users to flexibly develop and execute different methods.

Using Flutter to develop mobile applications will have the following benefits:

1. Flutter allows engineers and designers to write the code once and use the same code to develop Android and iOS versions. Therefore, Flutter reduces the time to write code, and the written code can run on different platforms. It is precisely because of this, so if you want to test the APP, the tester only needs to test one platform, which will greatly reduce the cost of testing and modification.

2. Flutter has a hot reload (Hot Reload) function, which can be updated and tested without restarting the project, which can save development and testing time.

3. Flutter is open sourced by Google, so there will be certain guarantees for SDK update or maintenance.

4. At present, the domestic companies that use Flutter are mainly idle fish, but they use hybrid development, and some functions use Flutter.

5. There are more benefits waiting for you to discover

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