APP development is not easy Something you need to do prior to your action

News 2020.04.29

After I have been engaged in web and app development for more than 10 years and experienced hundreds of projects, I discovered a law. If the customer does not understand the code and APP development cycle, they will seem to fall into a black box and never come out again.

If you are a small and medium-sized enterprise and want to develop an APP that can improve office efficiency, then you must know how to implement it. According to recent data, many SMEs have plans to develop apps.

For the APPs to be developed by SMEs, Teamotto will share some experiences, hoping to help the project leaders of these companies.

Refer to others' apps as much as possible before development

Although the function of the APP to be developed by each company will be very different, for the inexperienced person in charge, the only thing he has to do when receiving this task is to refer to the same type of APP to understand the functions, user experience and Features, etc. In this way, it will be of great help when designing products, and at the same time, when talking with APP development companies, you can also invest more. Of course, this also avoids knowing nothing and taking software companies away.

Many people discuss, one person decides, one person is responsible

When formulating an APP development plan, it is necessary to gather the heads of all relevant departments to discuss and understand each department's expectations and needs for APP, and then write a requirements document based on the results of the discussion, and the department head Sign it. This discussion result may require multiple meetings to be obtained, so each time you need to record the discussion results, otherwise it is easy to jump to an infinite loop. Before the project starts to look for an APP development company, all the personnel need to agree, and the selection of a person in charge has absolute decision-making power during the project. In addition, a person familiar with the project needs to be arranged as a communication window with the APP development company.

Find the right APP development company

After you have the requirements document, you can start looking for APP development companies. Whether it's an acquaintance introduction or a search on search engine, you can first send the demand document to the APP development company and let them quote based on the demand document. Teamotto recommends that you need to find more than 10 companies to quote, and at least meet with 3-5 companies. According to the scale, quotation and professionalism of the APP development company, 2-3 companies were selected for final comparison, and one was finally selected. Finding an APP development company does not mean that things are done. This is the first step in APP development. (Check: How to find a good App custom development outsourcing service provider)

Teamotto will continue to update the things that need to be paid attention to after choosing an outsourcing company next week, so stay tuned.